A problem-first designer

"Fall in love with a problem, not a specific solution."

- Lauren Javier

I am a freelance product designer, primarily working with startup and non-profit teams to help solve their problems.

With that experience, I am looking for the right opportunity to do the same in-house or for an agency.

Having found a strong community in Seattle, I am committed to life in the Northwest.

My brain is happiest when...


Learning keyboard shortcuts.


Searching for new routes through backcountry ski terrain in the Cascades.


Deciding if a crowd will dance harder to Whitney Houston, Wang Chung, or Nelly.


People-watching while riding a scooter down 1st ave.


Playing to my outs in a high stakes tournament for a trading card game I learned to play in 2nd grade.

I am always looking for new problems, and would love to hear about what you are working on.